How to look after the heart you give to the world

When I wrote my first book in 2016, this was the title and sub-text that seemed to speak best about what I wanted to share.

Oh how little did I know then!

As a former nurse, and more latterly working in the field of functional medicine and nutrition, I focussed mainly on the principles of supporting a healthy mind and body with quality nutrition, appropriate exercise and mindset practices. Now fast approaching my 60th birthday, I have a wealth of expertise and personal and professional experience on the transition from “forty and fertile” to “fifty and fed-up” and all that the menopause may bring with it.

Compared to most women, I have had a rough time. Despite the self-care practices and alternate and complimentary therapies that I have used to manage my symptoms over the years I felt at times that my body was letting me down. Having been thrown into a ‘surgical menopause’ at 45, I now realise the devastating effects that the withdrawal of oestrogen has had on my physical and emotional wellbeing. I have to admit that I have finally recognised that the scare mongering stories about the harmful effects of HRT resulted in my own long-held belief that I would never succumb to using it, and that these reports were and are mostly inaccurate and misleading. I also recognise, that had my mother been offered the correct and most beneficial treatments following her Hysterectomy at just 42, that she would not have died so young at only 56.

Like many midlife women I meet, since my fifties everything about my sense of self, my body, my mindset, my relationships, my work, my success and my happiness has changed. Even before I was aware of it, others would ask me or comment about my energy and my spirituality. As a trained singer, I have been praising God with my voice since I was a very young child. Although there is a wealth of secular material available as a soprano in the classical world, much of the repertoire is “sacred” music.

But I was an non-believer, a victim of confusing spirituality with religion.

The change began when I was challenged 3 years ago about my role as a “healer” by a mentor. I was stuck in rescuer mode. After all, my work and personal life has revolved around serving and helping others. Now I was shown the door into a corridor of exploration and awareness, to enlightenment, to holding a vibration of faith and belief in a higher power, and to goodness and love as the answer.

As a teacher I am now working to be a “frequency keeper”, seeing with the eyes of my heart into the soul of my clients, seeing intentions, longings and abilities before they do.

We all need to be seen. It is the child within us all.

I see you. I know you. I love you.

Dr. Gill Barham is an international award-winning author, speaker, speaker trainer, broadcast presenter, Elite Holistic Health Coach and advocate for self–care.

Her Podcast “Radiant Menopause” is designed to debunk myths, inform and educate women, (and men) on what to expect of the transition into midlife. Her goal is to empower women to make the most of their “wisdom” years.

Dr Gill Barham uses her experience and expertise to run UK and International Public Speaking and Wellbeing events and retreats.

Dr. Gill studied music as her first degree before qualifying as a Registered General Nurse (RGN) in the UK. She has been studying functional medicine for the past 8 years and her transformational work has been recognised with a Doctorate Honoris Causa from the AUGP (Academy of Universal Global Peace) A Peace Award from the UPF (Universal Peace Federation) and she is a member of WAoFP (Worldwide Association of Female Professionals) Europe and the ATL (Association of Transformational Leaders) with which she became a No 1 best-selling co-author in the UK and USA of the book Transformation Lessons.

Her humanitarian work currently involves running a domestic abuse awareness campaign called SPOT THE SIGNS — during lockdown and beyond. This is supported by her other podcast “The Life you Deserve” where she interviews experts and survivors highlighting ways in which we can recognise violence in the home and support potential victims.

Connect with her here:

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Dr. Gill Barham is an international award-winning author, speaker and trainer, broadcast presenter of the podcast Radiant Menopause, and Women’s health expert.

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