Where are all the Brexiteers?

Here I am, rolling along the motorways of France on our way to the Alps, on this day of all days.

We stayed overnight in the beautiful town of Troyes.

As per… Mr B and I got chatting to the couple on the table next to us at the restaurant we ate at.

They were on their way home from their skiing holiday.

Although we were cautious as always when mentioning the B word – there is a kind of unwritten dance of terminology that we all play to work out which “side” we are on – as a result we had a brief conversation with much eyebrow raising and shoulder shrugging about how sad it all is.

In all but a few of these encounters over the past 3 years or so, we have rarely met anyone who voted leave. (Apart from our local country friends who like hunting)

This couple remarked that 65% of people in their hometown of Wakefield, Yorkshire, voted to come out of the EU, but they hadn’t met any of them !!

Seems extraordinary doesn’t it?

The hashtag NotMyBrexit has been trending on #twitter

Is it because people who voted us out are not being honest? Doubt it somehow.

Is it the company we keep – we all know we are the result of the 5 people we spend our time with.

A class thing? I can’t know if the votes came more from the public school or poverty stricken demographic.

The Media seems to be able to search out those souls who are happy to leave – on French news this morning the broadcast showed a brexiteer dribbling Prosecco in celebration.

Today I have the exact same sense of loss mirrored by the entire student body of Durham University the day after the referendum, which is where I watched the whole thing play out.

So far the locals have been courteous as always. We are happy to tell then we didn’t vote leave. But it seems they assume we didn’t by the fact we are here!

The only good thing is the relief that at last 52% of the population will be happy – for a while at least, and stop banging on about democracy and how WE as a nation voted to exit the EU.

I wish I could be confident that all will be well.

Jury’s out.

Gill is an international award winning speaker, author, broadcast presenter, Pilates teacher, nutritional expert and advocate for self–care.

Combining her experience in the conventional healthcare field with lifestyle and functional medicine, Gill is an expert in providing holistic solutions for the prevention and reversal of disease. Her interventions align with her ideal of building health rather than treating symptoms. She specializes in addressing the major health trends of the 21st century and is passionate about supporting others to spread this message worldwide; creating global transformation

Gill studied music as her first degree before qualifying as a Registered General Nurse (RGN) in the UK. She has been studying functional medicine for the past 7 years and her transformational work has been recognised with a Doctorate Honoris Causa from the AUGP (Academy of Universal Global Peace) A Peace Award from the UPF (Universal Peace Federation) and she is a member of the ATL (Association of Transformational Leaders) Europe and the WAoFP (Worldwide Association of Female Professionals)

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Dr. Gill Barham is an international award-winning author, speaker and trainer, broadcast presenter of the podcast Radiant Menopause, and Women’s health expert.

Dr. Gill Barham is an international award-winning author, speaker and trainer, broadcast presenter of the podcast Radiant Menopause, and Women’s health expert.